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ILP-DC Walk for Literacy - April 29th, 2006

~ Walk for Literacy

May 7th, 2006 ~ Burke Lake Park, VA

There was a nip in the air. The crisp weather, the green trees and the solitary lake invited participants of the ILP Walk-a-thon to walk awhile, contemplate and contribute to a worthy cause.


The participants registered at the sign up desk, contributed money to help promote literacy in India, grabbed a bottle of water, a map and with a spring in their step, started their morning walk on the 7th of May 2006. The trail was a beautiful winding path around the lake in the Burke lake park. The path was marked with mile markers to aid the walkers. Walkers comprised children, women and men alike. All chose a distance of their choice and set their own pace.


At the destination the walkers were greeted by the volunteers and directed to the refreshments shelter. Food comprising chips and salsa, hummus and bread, sandwiches, cheese and beverages made for a hearty and delicious snack after the walk.


Conversation flowed amongst the participants and the volunteers ranging in topics from ILP and its various projects to the beauty of the lake. All had some exercise and lots of fun.


We hope to see this yearís participantís return and newer participants at the ILP Walk-a-thon next year!

Thanks to all the participants and volunteers!