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ILP Bollygeet Musical Evening - Sep 24th, 2005

ILP-DC Bollygeet Musical Evening

Sep 24, 2005–Chantilly, VA

Sweet, soft strains of music accompanied the melodious voice that transcended the vibrant atmosphere. Heads nodded to the rhythm, hands clapped when an especially foot tapping sound emanated from the slightly raised dais where a group of musicians who go by the name of Bollygeet Band’its performed for a charity event to raise funds for ILP, to help reach the goal of a 100% literate India.

As dusk fell over the Northern Virginia skies on the evening of September 24th, 2005, the gazals, Hindi movie songs and folk songs’ being sung by the talented musicians to an enthusiastic audience, was redolent of a musical evening spent with friends and family back in India. The ambiance, with cushions scattered and soft lights was relaxed and comfortable. The “wah-wah’s” (enthusiastic exclamations) could be heard as under and over tones several times during the evening. After two hours of non-stop singing and music only when the band stopped to take a short break did the audience wake up from a musical trance and realize that it had been a while since the program started.

Cakes, cracker, cheese and fruits, some Indian delicacies, hummus and bread were some of the few mouth-watering snacks that the audience and musicians enjoyed during the intermission. Volunteers interacted with the participants and answered questions pertaining to ILP, its mission, its on-going projects and events being organized to fulfill its goals. A short overview of ILP was also given to the gathered audience. A raffle where many prizes were given away to randomly selected ticket holders was a pleasant surprise to most present.

Music continued into the late evening as most guests were reluctant to part. However, all good things must come to an end and it was time to distribute mementoes to the musicians and thank them for an evening to remember and to bid adieu.

Thanks to all musicians, audience and volunteers for making this a memorable event and to Satish and Ranjana Chandra for volunteering their home as the venue for the event!

We look forward to seeing everybody at the music event in 2006!

Thanks to all the participants and volunteers!