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  • Helping children achieve their aim

    Source: - Oct. 29, 2006

    Bangalore: Studying in the eighth standard, Shambhulinga dreams of becoming an IAS officer...

  • Campaigning for India’s Literacy

    Source: - April. 14, 2006

    ILP-DC volunteers were featured in the news, spreading the word about ILP's efforts for eradicating illiteracy in India...

  • ILP celebrates 15th Anniversary

    Source: - Nov. 10, 2005

    About 150 people attended an open house showcasing the myriad education and outreach projects undertaken by India Literacy Project (ILP)..

  • Illiteracy 'hinders world's poor'

    Source: BBC News - Nov. 9, 2005

    High levels of illiteracy are hindering attempts to erase world poverty, the United Nations education agency warns.

  • Free school for one-girl families

    Source: BBC News India - Sept. 22, 2005

    The Govt. of India has announced that education for girls from single child families will be absolutely free at secondary school level in an effort to address the problem of skewed male/female population ratio and female infanticide.

  • Educating India's child labourers

    Source: BBC News India - Sept. 13, 2005

    An article on rehabilitating child labourers who have dropped out of school to work in the fields or cottage industries to sustain their families. With this in mind, ILP supports 'bridge programs' that are designed to to prepare children of primary school age for entry into 'formal' schools in the shortest possible time.

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